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Explore the Metaverse and NFTs together... What they are, how we can create communities and blockchain-based or blockchain-related games to engage our communities and add value to their engagement.

This annual membership entitles it's holder to access to members-only content, members emails (if desired) and access to online workshops where community members get together, hear about ideas, share with each other and ask questions to help navigate and create in the Metaverse. is in alpha and invite and upon approval only. Register to request membership and if slots are not available, you will be refunded.

See free resources and description of member resources and workshops at


Includes access to informal workshops

Informational Content

Includes access to online content and worksheets

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Let's Explore the Metaverse Together

Join together to share experiences from the Metaverse and learn about NFTs, blockchain games and how to create and explore the Metaverse.

  • Informal Workshops

    Join with others online who are creating blockchain events, games and communities to hear what they are doing and explore how you can jump into the Metaverse.

  • Content for Context

    What do the words mean? Get oriente about the Metaverse, NFTs and blockchain games. Members have access to more content & worksheets for creating in the Metaverse.